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Please explain to me how Riven nerfs are fair.

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Oh Black Cleaver is most certainly broken and it does push Riven up a bit higher. Her spammable abilities are most of the issue however.

Her spam is no problem unless the stacks on BC are full, and since it now goes off of abilities, unlike before, BC would be classified as the problem. If you think her spammable abilities are the problem, what do you suggest be done about it? Also, just because a champion is classified as a tank doesn't mean anything if they don't have the items to back up their tankyness. If whatever "tank" she killed had no adequate defense you can't blame the one who killed the tank.

You also seem to think that champions lagging and accidentally killing something by buttonmashing is something new to the game for some reason. It's really not, that's pretty much how those guys you see with 400+ ping get by.

Here's my issue: You guys complain about her being so "over-the-top" OP but make no suggestions on how to fix it or even go out of your way to explain how whatever you're saying is a problem, is actually a problem. What to you want to happen? Want her Q to only be usable one time until its cooldown goes up with the same minuscule amount of damage? Want it to end up as a one-shot ability that does as much damage as all 3 Q strikes combined? Nobody wants either of those.