I need advice

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Being totally truthful I need help learning what I as a player can do better. I mostly top lane and jungle and when i reflect after games where I went wrong I struggle finding my faults in 80% of the games i play the other 20% i can say yes yes that could have definatly been better. That 80% of games go like this though. As a top laner I usually go 3/0/x as a average in frist 10-15mins I out cs by minimum 50%. I take teleport a lot and when playing characters like Jarvan Malphite etc I specifically save my ult to gank another lane. As a jungler i usually go 1-2/1/6 in first 10-15 mins.

I have an issue now where my lanes are still losing. Now I DONT CARE IF THEY SUCK I CANT CHANGE THAT. I need to know what steps I can do to do more. These games are all lost horrifically in the laning phase. I am losing more then 50% of my games... I am just kind of lost and hurt I want more wins. Both ranked and non ranked