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Champion Spotlight--Rick, the vanishing f&*ktard

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This was a funny champ spotlight someone did for a friend, since he leaves games so much lol.

Welcome to the Paul's friend spotlight, featuring Rick, the vanishing ****tard
Rick's passive is ****ty mic, every so often Rick's microphone falls off to the side. This causes him to be inaudible and appear to have vanished

His first ability is crashing computer, At vital points in the game or at the loading screen ricks computer crashes or his Internet dies making him vanish

Rick's second ability is homework, Rick states that he is doing homework and cannot participate. After all three charges are used this ability turns into Chinese, and the charges reset

Rick's third ability is BRB, Rick types BRB To appear that he will be right back and return shortly, however he doesn't return for several hours

Rick's ultimate is one liner, Rick types one line and appears to have returned, this line is usually a joke or LOL. Rick then proceeds to AFK for several more minutes or hours. This creates tons of rage, if homework or BRB is active the rage is double