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LoL alt tab

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Junior Member


Every time i play a game there's always the time where i had to alt tab. When im engaging a battle, sometimes i stop and when ever i click its always the fall back ping. Thazts when i alt tab. Its so ****ing annoying. How do i fix it.

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Senior Member


You have a window on your desktop causing this. This is not LoL Client's error.

For me its Skype. Make sure everything else is closed. Also if you have any Macro Programs they can cause issues as well.

Also, what buttons are your pings? Do you have to hit Alt something and accidently pressing tab as well?

There's a variety of things that may cause this, but unless you need to repair your LoL Client, I can promise its not that.

If you wish to repair:

Start the client.

By the Minimize/Close there is also a Gear - for settings.

Clicking it will show you an option to repair the client.

Do that, should fix if you've removed all other windows behind the client.