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Neon Striker Vi Animations and Sounds

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The trend since PFE in the quality of champion art, textures, animations and sounds has been an exciting one and with Neon Striker Vi I feel like we've realized a legacy.

Don't misunderstand: Vi's default skin, animations and sounds are great. They're second only to those on her Neon Striker skin, though. The redone sound effects are a touch that can't be ignored and the combination of awesome sound design, particle effects and quality animation that go into her recall have all of us at lowelo.com saying it every time: "That is SO cool!".

Well done, team. Reach out to me some time. I'd love to have you on the show.


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I actually much prefer her original skin to Neon Strike, I feel like that skin goes a bit to much against Vi's character. I don't see her as being Jubilee from X-men >.>