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Idea about Matchmaking

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Skum Iceleg



I cannot post in General Discussion for some reason, have no clue why, so I will post here and hopefully a red or someone will see this..

There has always been big problems when joining a ranked game because people will get this:


Now I have a simple solution that I do not know if it has been brought up before or not...

Why not make an options area when you join Ranked I will give you an example- -

Skum Iceleg wants to play Ranked Solo Q
He clicks join solo Q
an option comes up with 3 slots, 1st,2nd,3rd , in these slots Skum Iceleg puts what he would wanna play first above all else then have 2 secondary roles that if he can't have his main role then it defaults to one of those roles...

He then joins the game and the system will then try and match up two perfect teams with their first choices in mind.. If it can't find a perfect match itll revert some people to their second or third choices...

When you get to the champion select screen you will have your role in a boarder around your character and itll always be random so the other team doesnt know who is playing what role by the order they are in.. You can still swap people champions like you can now and all that.. But it will get people more of an opportunity to play the role they wish without having to TROLL for it...

Does this make sense?? Anyone agree??

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Junior Member


I agree, I haven't dipped into ranked yet because I want to get better at LoL first, but I'm sick of playing soloQ and people autolock 3 adc and and ap mid without even talking about team comp or positions. I really believe that if there was an option like you stated, the chaos and frustration would go down quite a bit. I think there should also be a few more things taken into account when setting up games, like language. I don't want to sound bad or anything but too many times I have been in games where 3 or 4 people speak spanish, and me and someone else don't. Right there you're screwed cause you can't communicate. Similar to some xbox matchmaking games, you could have a menu in settings or something where you just select some qualities (language, position, etc.) which would help refine matchmaking... just a thought. I feel like im rambling now lol

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Junior Member


yeah, im for that.