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5 Vs 5 Intermediate AI is a piece of ****

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the bots in SEASON 3 are much harder then b4....most ppl trolling you are probably thinking of season 1-2 bots.

i have lost to bots in Season 1 and that was almost 99.99% due to Annie hacking out her spells in some incredible speeds and me/us being newer to the game

I have lost to season 2 bots but 99.99% of the time was only due to a great bot champion synenergy + lots of HP and us having 2-3 ppl who were new (games that 1-2 of us coudlnt carry due to their super high HP's)

Season 3 i have lost more BOT games then in season 1-2 combined and TECHNICALLY season 3 hasn't even started yet. Bots can now see in the bush (in beginner they still wont attack you, but Intermediate they will thrash you).
They dont necessarily "gank" but they do start to switch lanes, making use of the river/forest (yours or theirs depending how far they pushed ur towers) I've had times where 2 BOTS will leave bot lane heading for mid, only to never truly go mid and hang out in river and come back to lane and "gank" me (as b4 when they left bot lane, they would never return from any direction except from their base direction)
There spell casting speed is still ridiculous/non-human speed....and trust me Season 1 had Annie...now there are more, and if you are surrounded by 2-3 of them with spells, you are going to die in .5 of a second (sadly enough)

i've made up my mind that i am not going to play Intermediate anymore.....BEGINNER is more like how the old intermediate used to be, so stick with that until you can get a champion that can CARRY.

NOW.....there are times on Intermediate that i get a team of 4 others that know what they are doing and we CRUSH Intermediate as if they were less then beginner.....that happens because as noted in a previous post...they do tend to get BETTER around MID game, and those games usually end as MID game is starting

Hope my post helps, and yes...try to ignore the TROLLS, there are alot on the forum/in game/on the internet....the world would def be better off without them trolling as opposed to just being kind and friendly...BUT.....

P.S. you can add me as friend ingame name Mickretz if you want to

Thanks for the reply. I will ad you to friendlist.

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Thnx, just accepted tonite....looking forward to being on at the same time to play and own it up