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So, after rollin' through some ranked games, I feel like regardless of how well I do, my elo goes down, especially when my teammates throw the game.

I do not believe in elo hell, but I do believe I should be playing with other people of higher skill. I am aware when I do poorly and when I die, I often know why and I try to fix it.

Ultimately, my question is this: should I start rolling carries, so I can better play with players who are not as skilled as I am? Right now I play mostly tanky characters top/support, like Chogath, Singed, Blitz (when he's not banned -.-), Garen, etc. I think that if I play carries like Ez, Ashe, Tristana, Tryndamere, Ryze, etc that I can have a better impact on the game.

Any thoughts? My last 5 games, I've had a high KDR and we still lose, and my elo goes down. I hate being punished for my teammate's mistakes.

I know this is a team game, and by nature it's hard for Riot to truly measure individual skills. But I really get the sense that win/loss is the only determining factor in elo, which is why I feel like I'm having this problem.

Any (constructive) input is much appreciated.