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Twas the Night before Christmas, league troll style. #remix

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Twas four nights before Christmas, when all through the League
All the creatures were stirring, spreading battle fatigue.
The bans were made with respect to their power,
In hopes that no pro players smurfed on this hour.

The trolls were off school and late into bed,
While visions of rage quitters danced in their head.
And me playing Varus, Arclight looking fine,
Second pick locked in, soon I heard a whine.

Frostman12 said, "Not Varus he's bad!" (fake name because you cant call people out if theirs a real frostman12 i apologize)
To this I replied, "But my stats are are so mad!"
Fourth and fifth picks approached with tension,
Still no support, not a jungler to mention.

Akali, but where! Those lane have been chosen!
Revive, teleport, our team comp is broken. (not an exact rhyme I know... dearly sorry)
Renekton locked in, no smite to be seen.
Revive, teleport, "NOT AGAIN!" I scream

GorillaGuyJoe and Frostman12, (fake names, sorry if they exist)
Duo que spotted, the trolls from hell.
They spread no cheer, no Christmas delight.
To elo hell! At the speed of light!

The games underway, the loading screen passed
New meta they scream! And begin to harass.
Varus and Garen top laned together,
Hope the Spirit of Christmas shines through this tough weather.

Chaox, maybe, could carry this team,
Or Woong, from Azubu, could develop some scheme.
But alas, as time passed no scheme for this team
My Varus was sad, did not carry like I'd dreamed.

"Oh well" I said, " guess that's yolo que for you."
Ranked 5's or 3's, then no trolls could get through.
And ruin my fun, my Christmas spirit,
If you agree, then let me hear it.

This was inspired after dealing with these two in a ranked game and me feeling the report system is like saying "he hurt my feeellliiinnnggggg" instead, i decided to get creative and vent my frustration like this. Is it good, no not really! but do I feel better, YES. do i want to que ranked again... maybe after some coffee.

I encourage other summoners to see if they could remix a Christmas poem or song into their feelings on league or trolls.

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not a forum game i know, but the creative people are here, general is filled with complaints