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Tier 3 Runes Bundles? Want?

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Ok, so it has been a long known fact that you can only buy Runes with IP, this translates to having to save most (if not all) of your IP from a very early level in order to be able to afford the tier 3 rune pages you will need (Especially if your like me and love to play both AP and AD characters that require a range of ridiculously expensive Marks Glyphs Runes Seals, etc..

My Solution:
My suggested fix is that Riot "Bundle" the tier 3 Runes with Discounted Prices, and the option to use RP to purchase them.

An Example:
Tier 3 Quints of Move Speed (current price 2050IP ea) now the sold individually price can stay, without the option for RP, but if your buying 3 of the same tier 3 quints there needs to be a price reduction IP wise for the 3 and an option to pay for that "Bundle" with a proportionate amount of RP. The same goes for Tier 3 Marks, Glyphs, and Seals, if your buying 9 of any you should get a reasonable discount and the option to pay with RP.

What I Think this will accomplish:
Well firstly this will free up IP for champion purchases when it was origionally saved up till level 30 by the players who knew about runes and the need for a rune page full of tier 3 runes for any champ they wished to be competitive with. It will also allow players who were previously unaware of runes and the need for tier 3 rune pages at level 30 to be abl to get them much quicker (because if your level 30 and you spent all your IP on cool looking champs your basically screwed because youll need several IP boosts and hundreds of games before you can afford a Tier 3 Rune page.

ALSO, you can have 1 account that has all your AD and AP champs on it, as opposed to having to build 2 seperate accounts to make it easier to afford tier 3 runes for AP and AD. Personally i want to build a tier 3 Rune page for all my favorite champs, not just one or 2 of the same type of champ, that really limits who you can play in the future, and it makes a good deal of champs that you bought on the way to level 30 useless. This would also help veterans to diversify the champs they use, and ultimately lead to an increase in champ purchases and Rune Purchases

Finally it offers the potential for lower level players to go into PvP with their level 30 friends with a bit more of an even playing field (granted their mastery pages wont be as full, but having all tier 3 runes would definately help) secondly

Conclusion: Even if this exact idea is not possible/unrealistic i would still like to see a trade in like option for lower level runes where if you already have a tier 2 rune and you want to get the tier 3 version of that same rune you should have the option to trade up where they take the tier 2 and give you tier 3 at a reduced cost.

I have a Tier 2 Mark of Armor Pen, i go to purchase a Tier 3 Mark of Armor Pen below the number to buy there should be a "Number of Tier 2 Armor Pen Runes to upgrade" and below that a "Number of Tier 1 Armor Pen Runes to upgrade" (obviously tier 1 trade ins will be worth a proportionate amount less)

The whole trade up/upgrade runes system could probably use some work/simplification, but its just a rough suggestion for now.


1. No i dont really care if you made it to level 30 with 6 digits of IP and bought every single champ and a tier 3 Rune Page for Each, i dont consider you to be the norm by any strech of the imagination

2. I am well aware that there is the "Rune Recycler" but because its randomized you can put in 5 tier 2 runes and get something worthless out, it is in no way a help to people who want to make tier 3 rune pages, and you rarely get a rune thats worth the IP in runes you put in.

3. I am also well aware of the existance of tier 2 runes, but a tier 3 rune page will always be better, and you need the best to compete with other level 30s, so no, saying "just buy a tier 2 Rune page for now" is not a suitable solution, especially considering getting a tier 2 rune page will set you back IP wise by a lot for runes that will ultimately become worthless anyways.

Now keeping that in mind, any suggestions?
Also if you plan to leave a downvote leave a reason for it otherwise its meaningless

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While I really like the depth you go into for your suggestion and show that you put some level of thought into it, this unfortunately has a simple, innate problem. What is the problem? Your suggestion leads to a "pay to win" situation. In other words, you are asking for the ability to use money to affect the potency of your champions, which affects gameplay and can lead to very unfair games. This doesn't fit with LoL because there is not a single thing that can be bought with strictly RP that (directly) alters champion attributes. Everything in that store that is strictly RP bought will only ever offer to enhance the experience of the game. Flavor, if you will. Exception being the boosts, of course.

My suggestion to you is that if you really want to spend RP to get your hands on runes, why not use that RP to purchase IP boosts and make the most out of them based on how often you play? If you feel like you'll be playing (and winning) more than 10 games over 24 hours, buy the 1-day boost and game the flying fudge out of LoL.

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While I really like the depth you go into for your suggestion and show that you put some level of thought into it, this unfortunately has a simple, innate problem. What is the problem? Your suggestion leads to a "pay to win" situation.

It's not pay to win.

It's pay NOT to GRIND.

So that you actually have a level playing field against the population that's already done it and long since spent 90k on pages and pages of those dam things.


Because they DO sell IP boosts.