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Disable random in solo/duo ranked que...

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When you ranked solo/duo que most people say in chat what role(s) they would prefer to play. You get some people who don't claim a role and usually just fill in whatever is needed. What I have a grievance about is the people who say nothing in chat and then allow their champion to be randomly selected by the timeout. Nine out of ten times, this person either trolls, is afk the ENTIRE game or feeds the other team excessively and then proceeds to spam surrender. I do enjoy the accept/decline feature pre-champion select but I really would enjoy a feature that ejects a player who does this and returns the others to que. This is the absolute only time I ever dodge a game because nine times out of ten, as previously stated, it ruins the game for both teams.

tl;dr: Riot please consider...
1. Removing random either completely or timeout random from solo/duo ranked que.
2. A report or confirmation feature DURING champion select to report players who blatantly break the summoner's code pre-game.

Thank you!

Edit: Someone else already has this in another thread along with other ideas I agree with >>> http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2715855