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[Suggestion] Favortie Champions/ Champion Folders

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So, there are over a hundred champions now, and many of us own most of them. Even if you only own a dozen, it can be hard to keep track of which champions you have/are able to play in which positions, etc.

I know, there's a search bar, but that doesn't help when I can't think of which champions I have to fill a certain role, and then have to think which of them counter the enemy champ, and then consider which of them i've played recently enough to feel comfortable picking them.... etc, my 15 seconds to pick has run out, and I spend the whole game remembering champions I own and am decent with that would have been better counters or picks.

Basically, I'd love to be able to sort my champions into groups that *I* choose -> I own a lot of champs that I never play, and I don't need the warwicks and Sejuanis clogging up my "jungle" folder. Alternatively, a bare minimum "favorite champions" tab would be great, so at the very least i could sort out the champs I never play from those that I do, and have a chance of seeing the champ I need during select!

TLDR; I think champion select could use some QoL impovements, such as but not limited to, A folder system for organization, or a "favorite champions" tab.

Please bump or upvote if you'd like this feature!

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Junior Member


I 100% agree I have been thinking about this for a while and I hope this comes to fruition. Hopefully this will get enough support to be seen by the devs.

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good idea.

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I was just about to make this thread. I'd really like to be able to make categories for things like "favorite carries", "favorite junglers", "favorite support", and such.