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A fed lane is not...

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A single kill. If someone gets a kill, your lane is not "fed" and the game is not over. If you think that, then you are a moron and need to go back to putting square pegs into square holes because LoL is clearly too complicated for your infantile brain to comprehend.

Additionally, if you have to support, don't be a piece of **** about it. Just go support.

The reason ELO hell exists is because of these these two kinds of people. If you are either one, then pat yourself on the back because YOU are the reason for the existance of LoL Hell. I guarantee we all lose more games because of these two "architypes" than any other kind of player.

Also. Square pegs round holes.

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That "one" kill can give the enemy a large enough lead to start snowballing and dominate the lane without help from the jungler. I consider 3 kills manageable, though it may be difficult depending on the champion. Past that, you had better have at least a few kills on him for it to not be gg for your lane.

In the end though, one fed champ cannot dictate the rest of the game. If you have the better team fights you will be able to easily win.

I think this last statement deserves repeat.

I had a game earlier where they invaded our jungle - successfully, we got out with only 1 death, lost the team fight but had a good disengage. Kha'zix vs Jayce top(yay for being countered), and jayce stomped my face in. He got the kill, snagged an extra item, Came to top lane, missing only 2 CS, at level 2 and proceeded to kick my face in until I got dove by mundo.

That point it was level 2 khaz vs level 3 jayce..+mundo babysitting him...come back level 2 vs level 4...Longe story short, Jayce got fed...then came team fights. Amumu Orianna Sona and Ezrael DESTROYED them. Yes, I lost my lane, I lost it hard. Jayce got fed early and just kept snowballing. It was all meaningless.

Long story short, a game isn't lost until that nexus goes boom. You may lose your lane, but that doesn't mean you lost the game.