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Lightbringer change on PBE

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Das Strychnine:
Maybe because they already have great itemization in this map while AD Carries have nothing?

That's fair, but the point still stands. The active reveal shouldn't be restricted to AD Carries only. If the problem is an AD/Armor/Lifesteal item making bruisers too strong, then it needs to change to add something all AD classes benefit from without empowering bruisers. HP, AP, CDR, Movement speed, for example, is good for every single AP champion - Hextech Sweeper.

Or, AD Carry itemization needs to improve... but I'm not exactly sure what else it needs. You have three CC reduction items now, plenty of raw AD, crit, movement speed, and lifesteal - all on items that offer no other form of HP/mitigation that bruisers benefit from.

I guess what you really need is a counter to gap closers. I'm all ears (...or eyes, I guess).

What about Caitlyn's net on an active ability? Inb4 restricts AD carry itemization. I don't believe multiple items to counter gap-closing is necessary, and if the quoted post is true, it's kind of hard to NOT improve on nothing.