Looking For Team Members!

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Hi guys, I'm KL117. I have created a ranked team and I would like to assemble a good team that will hopefully one day make it to a tournament or prized events. This team has no specific age limit as long as you are over around 14 hopefully, as that's the age for MLG.

What I'm looking for:
-People who can play all positions well, but also have specific positions they play very well.
-People who play to have fun and at the same time are serious.
-People who can play when we decide on times, as I am hoping to play at least a few hours on one day at least of the week.
-People who are good, or are decent, but can get better with practice.
-People who can adapt to other play styles and to compensate for opponents.
-NO RAGERS, WHINERS, or CURSING. We will get better with time and to learn to play as a team.
-We are a team, so no one who will try to be a star.

If I come up with any other ideas, I will update this thread.

I will host tryouts to determine your position on the team.

Add me in-game to message me: KL117 and feel free to post on this thread!

I look forward to talking with you players out there and dont be afraid to ask any other questions here or in-game! Good luck to you all!