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Catch the Fox! [Open RP]

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((Cool. Let's see how this goes.))

In one of the many taverns scattered all over Runeterra

Cruciatus (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2320)sits quietly at a table at the back of the tavern, away from the hustle and bustle that surrounded the counter. Eyes closed, he listens quietly to the conversations of the patrons. This is the ninth such tavern he visited today in hopes of learning something... anything... about the location of the prize. This is the price he was to pay for entering the competition late, it seemed.

As he is about to stand and leave the bar, Cruciatus catches a snippet of speech. Something about the Voodoo Lands...

"This must be it," he thinks to himself.

Cruciatus stands, turns, and exits the tavern.

"Best not to waste any time. There's a long walk ahead," he mutters.

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((My god,quite a few are leaving.))

Saberstone Mountains

When dawn broke,Esen woke with his temple throbbing.As he stirred,tiny veneers of sunlight begun to shine at the entrance of the cave.As he tried to stand,another wave of pain swept over him and forced him back into his sitting position.The pain slowly subsided as he laid against the wall.Over time,it was enough to allow him to scrabble against the wall and stand.It didn't take long for him to realize that he wasted valuable time,he begun to make his way down from the Saberstone mountains and into the Voodoo lands,as he last seen the Fox before his little accident.

As he walked,something bothered him.He held his right hand and a small spark of static begun to spark to life in his palm,before growing into a perfectly shaped sphere.He never really lost his control over his powers outside combat,but why did it happen then?And what makes him so sure that it won't happen again?Some consequences were much worse than falling unconscious in a cave,a flicker of fear appeared in his mind,causing the sphere to visibly distort for a split second.He forced himself to turn his concentration back to the race,half hoping that it won't happen again.He had lost valuable time,furthermore he had absolutely no inclination on the exact location of the Fox,obnoxiously speedy as she is.But at the very least,he knew what to wish for, that is if he ever catches the fox.After several hours of walking and wading through some stubborn tree trunks.He reached the border of the Voodoo Lands,the twisted shapes of the trees there gave him a slight sense of Déjà vu.

He tried the same trick by raising himself on a pillar made of static,but the growth of the trees were so erratic that it is literally impossible to see through the thick overgrowth.But he did at least see some movement,competitors or maybe some native beasts,he did not know,but he was not exactly eager to meet them.

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Àsk Lee sin

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A small teashop in Ionia.

Lee Sin sat casually sipping on some tea by himself and running his last training session through his mind for the third time. His thoughts were interrupted by a couple who had wandered into the otherwise empty shop. They spoke of the hunt and how they couldn't wait to watch more, the owner turned on the screen and they watched intently. Lee ignored it at first but after hearing some more he chuckled. It could be good training, he doubted he would win but it never hurt to try. He finished his tea and after placing the money he owed on the table stood up and walked toward the two. They explained to him about the hunt and he managed to get enough information to get him started. It would be a long trip but it would also give him time to think. He set off, a smile across his face.

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((Is this dead and buried? So hard to find a RP to hop along))

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Ask the Tempest

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((Shoot! Forgot about this.))