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The Veiging

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A Poor Poro



Dear Veigar,

From the moment I joined league of legends over two years ago (the Sunday of the weekend when every champion was free, about a week before Lux's arrival) and read through the lores of every champion, you immediately appealed to me. The Tiny Master of Evil. Your voice fueled flames in my heart. At one point, I tried using every champion once, but at the end if the quest, I found my preferences no different. You are my favorite champion. I never blinked once as I watched you destroy people just by putting a Primodial Burst in their face. I saw you stun entire teams. I saw fear in the eyes of the enemy champions as they were struck with the inevitability of death by falling dark matter. I was there, by your side, for every minion you farmed with Baleful Strike. I remember nearly getting you a pentakill. I remember laning against the Swain who took cleanse, flash, and rushed a Banshees Veil. I remember laning against a Xin Zhao. I remember a Pantheon dropping into Dark Matter and dying. And these memories, they will forever remain with me. The following story, this is my homage to you, my favorite champion.



Part 1

“Ring.” Swain curtly said as he tossed his bag of coins at the shopkeeper.

“And you have cleanse too. You must really want to kill that Veigar, don't you?”

“No time for chit-chat. Just give me the ring.”

“Very well, catch.” The shopkeeper flicked a small blue ring at Swain, who caught it without changing the scowl on his face. He hurried through the mid lane to catch up with his four teammates.

They gathered in a bush near the golem on the blue side of the jungle and waited. Sure enough, an Amumu was sighted and dispatched.

Swain received a the blessing of the golem and walked into his lane, at the same time Veigar got back from helping his Amumu start off the jungle. Swain and Veigar walked around each other killing minions, when at level 2, Swain started to be more aggressive. Slowly making his way forward, his goal was to get between Veigar and the minions in order to deny his farming. He was startled when Veigar walked forward to trade spells, but did not mine punishing stupidity.

“Beatrice. Decrepify.”

The bird gave a skwack and readied a purple beam to strike down the yordle. Then, Swain's vision suddenly and without warning turned grey.

Confused, Swain channeled his thoughts, “Summoner! What happened?”

The voice that infiltrated his mind replied, “Your death recap states that you received 541 damage from Gravity Storm.”

“Veigar has no spell called Gravity Storm. Nobody does. What is going on?”

Swain respawned and began walking towards the mid lane again. Looking down in the distance, he could see Veigar and a wave of minions approaching the outer turret.

“I guess we should just ignore it and carry on as usual. You can still handle him while two levels down, correct?”

“Affirmat-,” Swain's reply was interrupted by the announcer saying, “You turret has been destroyed.”

“Veigar just broke the tower in one hit. Summoner, are you sure nothing is out of ordinary?”

The reply from Swain's summoner came softly, shakily, and with a hint of disbelief, “Veigar has over two billion ability power. This could just be a problem with my connection to the nexus. I will disconnect and be back.”

The announcer's voice rang out, “A summoner has disconnected” and almost immediately after, “A summoner has reconnected.” This did not change the amount of ability power Veigar had. All three middle lane turrets were down, and as was the inhibitor.

By now, all four people on the purple team had recalled in order to stop Veigar's push. As Veigar and his small minion wave marched onwards, they found themselves face to face with Swain, Talon, Singed, Draven, and Darius*. All intent on killing the evil yordle, they charged forward, only to die instantly to “Gravity Storm”.

Moments after the conclusion of the game (And all 9 summoners reporting SpiciestVeigarNA for hacking), Veigar was temporarily removed from the champion pool of all summoners while the Institute of War looked into the matter. Unfortunately, Veigar was nowhere to be found after the match and could not be located for questioning.

* Darius was the support. For some reason, Noxus and Zaun have very few supports and junglers. That may be why Ionia won in the Ionia vs Noxus match.

Note on Title: "Veig" is a verb meaning to burst someone from full to none using Veigar. "Veiging" is the act of doing so.

Another Note: Everything in that first paragraph is true. I came up with a story idea when I realized the world was going to end tomorrow, Dec. 21. It will take a while to write, and I definitely will not have it complete by the time the world "ends". I have no experience writing fan fiction, this is my first attempt. I am much more comfortable writing poetry than I am with prose. Try not to complain too loudly, but I would love a bit of criticism so I can get better at writing. I am notorious for starting stories and never finishing them. Hopefully, I can see this one through to the ending.

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A Poor Poro



Part 2

“The ugly bug is spitting on me! Leona, get more presence, so Destiny and I can fill it with lead!”

“I keep telling you Graves, there is nothing I can do.”

“Dammit Leona! Just get in the f**king bush, and they'll back the f**k up and ward that s**t and s**t and holy f**k these guys, you flash exhaust that guy and its like gg! Its like, and then you pop the eclipse and you kite and you blow 'em up like what the f**k support is so easy!”*

Leona stared at Graves in silence as he shot down another wave of minions. They hit level 6.

“Okay Leona, when I smokescreen them, you just use your solar flare. Got that?”

Leona sat down in the bush. “I can't.”

Graves was clearly irritated, “You are level 6! You have your ult! Use it!”

“I was counterpicked. Look at the sky, and tell me who their jungler is.”

“If Nocturne's existence stops you from casting any spells, you are the weakest -”

As if on cue, the visibility index of the area decreased to under 100 meters and an all too familiar voice whispered in everyone's ears, “Darkness”, with the second syllable extremely stretched. Flying out of the fog, a shadowy silhouette latched onto a screaming Graves.

“Leona, peel the shadow off of me!”

She remained sitting in the bush, just staring.

Leona's summoner, unable to get her to do anything, disconnected, and Leona drudgingly sulked to the fountain to take a nap.

At the conclusion of the 4v5 game, Leona glared sullenly at the dark sky. Even on a cloudy day, she could still manage to get some power from the sun, but today there was nothing. Unsure of the cause, she made up her mind to journey back to Mount Targon and ask for the guidance of the Solari elders.

Diana took interest in this event as well. Despite the cloudy sky, she knew that the moon was eclipsing the sun. She also knew that the next scheduled eclipse was due next year. She also knew that solar eclipses do not last much longer than a few minutes, and yet this one had been up for over an hour. Something had moved the moon, and was keeping it between the sun and earth. Smiling to herself, realizing that the Solari tribe would be powerless to defend themselves against an attack, she resolved to conclude her revenge against the Solari tribe for labeling her a heretic.

* Aphromoo is the best

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A Poor Poro



Part 3

“The moon is falling.” Soraka broke the silence that filled the room with her, as a number of eyes regarded her declaration with skepticism. She continued, “At this rate, it will hit Valoran in thirteen days.”

Twisted Fate spoke under his breath, “Diana and Leona have been missing for a while. They don't even show up when I use Destiny. I'll bet it isn't a coincidence.”

“Where could they have gone?”

“Mount Rakkor.” Pantheon's voice housed no doubt. “It is the closest spot to the sky. Leona isn't able to use the sun's power, so she is returning to the Solari elders for assistance.”

“It will not be stopped! Give up now!” The high-pitched pompous voice emanated from none other than Veigar, who had just entered the room. The champions who had been previously sitting all stood up in challenge.

“Veigar! Is this your doing?” Soraka authoritatively inquired.

“Yes!” he laughed, “All of your suffering awaits!”

“Why would you do such a thing?”

“The world will end – and be reborn!”

At this, most of the champions who had weapons pointed them straight at Veigar in a threatening manner. Soraka menacingly withdrew a banana from an unseen location. Twisted Fate pointed a golden seven of diamonds at Veigar. Anivia crystallized an ice wall between Veigar and the room's exit. Heimerdinger firmly grasped his wrench.

Veigar looked behind him at the wall and laughed his maniacal laugh that ran a shudder down everyone's spine. “You think that will stop me?” He raised his wand, pointed it at the wall, and fired what appeared to be a Baleful Strike, but red. The wall instantly melted. Soraka threw a banana which disintegrated into dust as it approached the yordle. Twisted Fate's gold card suffered the same fate. Recognizing a pattern, Heimerdinger decided not to throw his wrench.

“The tables have turned, and I will show you no mercy! In thirteen days, everything will crumble to the ground!” He turned and left the room in silence.

Paralyzed in shock, nobody made any further attempt to halt Veigar's exit.

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Junior Member


I started League this summer, and I have the exact same story as you. Everything about Veigar clicked with me. I enjoy nothing more than watching people suffer when I play Veigar.

Also, awesome story, keep it up!

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A Poor Poro



Part 4

Due to the blockage of sunlight, Valoran slowly grew colder to the delight of Anivia. Nobody could compete with her icy powers on the fields of justice, freezing immediately upon being hit by her Glacial Storm. The League attempted to quell the sounds that complained, “Anivia OP” and “Ban Stupid Birdy”, by banning her use of Frostbite, but it was no avail. In every draft pick, Anivia was banned. The summoner Froggen, having used to primarily call upon Anivia, had to learn to summon Lee Sin.

Due to the sudden cessation of Anivia's summoning, she found herself with a great deal of free time. Torn between taking advantage of the increased power of cold and between finding a way to stop the moon from falling, she returned to Frejlord in order to devise a way to keep the moon between the sun and Valoran, yet stop it from crashing. She would have to overpower Veigar's magic.

Upon reaching her nest, Anivia found a blue-skinned being sitting, meditating, shirtless, waiting for her.

“Ryze.” The blue mage stood and faced the bird.

“Time is short. You may have something I need to know.”

“What is it?”

“Look here.” Ryze removed the scroll from his back and uncurled it. “You mustn't speak to anyone of this.”

Glancing at the open scroll, Anivia saw a number of pictures that were supposed to mean something, but the meaning eluded her. “I ask again, what is it?”

“Do you know how you came into this world?”

“No, but-”

“You were summoned by this here spell.” Ryze stabbed a finger at a picture of a blue bird on the scroll.

“That's me?” Anivia questioned.

“Yes, and these are your friends, whom I presume you remember.” Near the picture of the blue bird were a number of other birds of other various colors. Ryze fixated his eyes on the dark purple one. “What can you tell me about that one?” He motioned towards the purple bird.

“Apuniceus. The Astrophoenix. Guardian of the cosmos. He was not the nicest bird in the flock, if you know what-”

“Do you think Apuniceus has the power to halt the moon's fall?”

“I think so, but how would you summon him?”

“I need a feather from you to reopen the portal. Another bird will be let out, and I will need to collect its feather to summon a third bird, until I get your friend.”

“How does having my feather help?”

“It is the catalyst. I need a feather.”

“There are a bunch of fallen feathers in the nest there.”

“No, I need a feather that still contains your essence.”

“Do you mean to rip one out of me?”

“Forgive me for this.” Ryze quickly hurled two balls of red magic at Anivia with each hand, taking her by surprise. He then performed a Spell Flux and concluded, trapping her in the Rune Prison. Anivia immediately reverted to her egg form, and Ryze managed to pluck a glowing blue feather from the essence orb floating above the egg. Before the orb could touch the egg, Ryze called on his Desperate Power to allow him to move away from the rebirthing cryophoenix. His next destination would be the forest where Lilith put the phoenix portal.

As Anivia hatched from her ice egg, one thought only was going through her mind. Find Ryze. Make him pay. How dare he make a mockery of the power of the Cryophoenix.


@ Invincil - It probably did not help the addiction that the skin with the best particle and sound effect is Bad Santa Veigar's Event Horizon. Been playing him twice as much due to that skin... I also love your 10th mastery page! Long live the AD Veigar!

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A Poor Poro



Part 5

Brand could feel a strong power rising within him. He stole glances to both sides, but neither of the guards seemed to sense anything. It felt as though he could nearly overcome the shackles of summoner magic that imprisoned him. He commanded the smoldering body of Kegan Rodge to stand as the flames inside surged.

“Excuse me summoners, could I be let out for a moment to use the restroom?”

One of the guards turned to face Brand in his cell.

“We are not stupid. You have not had to pee for the duration we had contained you, over a year. What makes you think -” The lecture was cut short by a blast of flame directed at his chest.

As the guard fell to the floor writhing in burning agony, the other guard ran out to gather the help of the other summoners.

“I will get help!”

Brand took a chain in his hand and grasped the cold ethereal magic. It melted in his hand and gave a hiss as they burned away.

“You cannot contain a wildfire.” Brand laughed as he stepped over the body of the burning summoner.


The entire Institute of War was in flames. The summoners and champions were evacuated, as the only champion with control over water, Nami, was merely a support champion, without enough power to quench the flames.

In the flames, a silhouette of a phoenix was seen. It rose into the air and spread its wings. A pillar of flame rose, engulfing it, and on contact, it spewed out numerous fireballs aimed towards the unburned ground nearby. Janna threw out a powerful gust to redirect them away from the escaping group. Elsewhere, the ground instantly lit aflame. Shyvana ran into the fire seeking to deal with the phoenix in combat. Rammus immediately followed, wanting to taunt the phoenix. Tristana donned her firefighter costume and began pelting the flames with her water gun. Willump helped Tristana attack faster as well as Nunu threw snowballs into the flaming area.

Watching the futile efforts of numerous champions, Aignem perched himself at the center of the fire. In the dark, the fires would be seen throughout the entire continent and would surely attract Anivia to the nest. He did not have to wait long before he could feel the radiating coldness of Anivia. She instantly froze the flames in a flash-frost and set a glacial storm upon the Institute building. Crying out a mocking mating call, the Pyrophoenix soared into the air to face the Cryophoenix.

“How many years has it been? You look just as beautiful as before!”

“And you are just as stupid as you used to be.” Anivia coldly replied, sending a shard of ice in his direction.

“Come now. You must have missed seeing me when you started living here!” Aignem stretched a wing out and melted the ice shard in contact.

“I miss not having to deal with you for a year. And you can go right back to where you came from.” Anivia materialized an ice wall above Aignem and it fell, catching him, causing him to fall to the ground. She prepared to throw an ice shard at the disabled phoenix, but was caught by surprise by a rising pillar of flame from the ground, which gave Aignem the time to melt the wall and fly again.

“You may think I am new to this world, but I have been here longer than you can imagine.”

“You are Brand. I should have guessed.”

“No, Brand was merely a pawn that I've been controlling, holding the gate to my formal entry. I actually took the form of a bear for some time.”


Aignem assumed the form of a large flaming teddy bear, laughing as Anivia scowled, before returning to bird form. Anivia prepared to attack him again, when she suddenly found herself unable to move. It seemed that Aignem could not move either as his mouth was frozen half open in mid-laugh. Then, Anivia spied an all too familiar looking structure surrounding the area where they were fighting.