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Reviction clan recruitment.

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Reviction is a new clan that is looking for members. We would like mature players that love to game, but at same time fun people to play with. We would eventually like to get teams going soon, but for now we are just looking for active gamers. We have vent and would like to get a community going in it, and got our own website, www.reviction.enjin.com (http://www.reviction.enjin.com) , feel free to visit it and sign up or just check us out. We are relitively new so it will be slower right away but most of out leaders are on every day to help out and anything you would need. We do ask for people to submit applications about themselfs and what they prefer to play and all things LoL related. Pls come give us a visit and if you need to talk to me in-game my characters name is Niam. I'll get back to you as soon at possible if you do. We will be hosting 3v3's and 5v5's so everything in matches are covered. So pls give us a look at and sign up to play in a fun community