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Select what you agree/disagree with. Multiples allowed.

Y, we need a Game Mode specifically for ARAM 153 89.47%
Y, "Blind Random" should be normal to prevent Q-dodging 100 58.48%
Y, "Draft Random" is good for bans and no mirror matches 73 42.69%
Y, "Draft Random" for the bans BUT I want mirror matches 30 17.54%
Y, Rerolling once is good but with the limitations below 37 21.64%
Y, Rerolling once BUT it should still be displayed & trade-able 33 19.3%
Y, Add more maps to this Game Mode 48 28.07%
Y, Allow duplicate champs but with the limitations below 25 14.62%
Y, Allow duplicate champs BUT with unlimited free-to-play champs 15 8.77%
Y, Allow trades across teams while in "Draft Random" 26 15.2%
<???> <I want to make a comment and upvote this thread> 15 8.77%
N, I do not want to trade across teams 72 42.11%
N, I do not want duplicate champs 48 28.07%
N, I do not want more maps, only Proving Grounds 46 26.9%
N, I do not want to any option to Reroll, even with limitations 44 25.73%
N, I do not want any Bans allowed 28 16.37%
N, I do not want a Blind select screen, even if it encourages Q-dodging 20 11.7%
N, I do not want an ARAM game mode 6 3.51%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 171 .

[Poll][Suggestions]ARAM Game Mode and Possible Rules

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Junior Member


My preference would be blind pick - one reroll - still allow trades before or after.
Possibly open up the selection to ALL random - not just Free + Owned.

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Senior Member