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Pro 5 Man Team But we need a Jungler.

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Hobo Strangler



Hello we are a Team of Nice players aspiring to take the leaderboards by storm and try to win tournaments and play for money we all want to be pros. We call ourselfs TeamHoboElite we are 4 strong but we just need one more player to take on our epic journey and we want a Jungler. If you think you are a good Jungler and would like to join us then here are our requirements nothing difficult just simple and realistic. 1.) You must be 18 and older. Because if you have High school or whatever else holding you back then if we became pro how would you attend the events? Also immature brats going crazy every match doesn't help with strategy. 2.) We are TeamHoboElite so you would have to change your name to Hobo Shoes that was just a example. You would put Hobo then a space then whatever name you wanted afterwards just make sure the H in Hobo is capitalized and the first letter of the next word is capitalized. 3.) We want to practice as a 5v5 team so we all have perfect coordination with our teamwork and combos before we start the ranked matches. So we have a schedule we try to follow it's simple and anyone can do this. We all try to meet on League at least once a day at 10pm now i know you might have a different time so we will work things out from there. The reason we play at night is because how else can people go to work and expect to play everyday? This 10pm schedule is very easy for anyone . 4.) Just be Nice none of us are rude we all get along very well and if your going to be our team mate then we want to have fun and play to win no need to get all *****y no one wants that. 5.) We like to Skype for the voice chat because it is easier to tell your allies hey someone is coming to your lane be careful or hey i am coming to gank mid then it is to type it out. So eventually if you could plz create a skype if you don't already have one that would be nice. So this is all the rules its pretty simple stuff i hope we find our Jungler thank you for reading and on a last note none of us are homeless we just picked a funny name is all haha

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Hey, I'm a jungler maybe im not the best but maybe im what are you looking for.
Current ELO 1335, main characters Nocturne, Jax, amumu and learning im not rude neither, so i guess we would be OK
Also I'm opened to new ideas and strategies and always ready to learn new things