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1200 ELO Olaf Guide?

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Basic boots
Null Mantle
Sunfire, Sunfire, Sunfire

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You can also turn Olaf into a lifesteal monster that is very difficult to kill (considering his ultimate allows him to avoid most disables). By using nub2pro.com (http://www.nub2pro.com) and changing the display field to "Rel Health Gain/s", this is the optimum lifesteal build for the gold spent...

- Doran's Blade
- Berserker's Greaves
- Ghostblade
- Executioner's Calling
- Infinite Edge
- Stark's Fervor
- Executioner's Calling (replace Doran's Blade)

With this build and Vicious Strike activated, you are doing about 1,500 true damanage per second (damage after their armor/magic rsist) to the average squishy target and you are healing yourself about 1,100 hp per second.

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madreds+frozen mallet is supremely awesome.

you deal increased phy dmg wit viscious strikes, magic damage with madreds, true damage with reckless swing.

you have tankiness+slowing attack from mallet+ulti.

works out well, every single time

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Im mid-elo Main Olaf player at 1500.
1. cloth armor + 5 pot
2. shoes
3. HoGold
4. Mercury
5. Randuin
6. Youmuu(if your team need more of dps) or Banshee
7. Banshee or Youmuu
8. GA

To engage you throw axe -> press R and E their squishy teemo(carries) then press 1 for randuin to slow down pick your axe from ground then press 2 for youmuu then throw axe again and E.

Their carry will have hard time runing away entire team battle while they cant stop you cuz of R and Randuin and Youmuu speed.