Nunu Jungle and Suport help.

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Suport : Nunu suport is good, u have a speed and a slow and when u need to heal after getting hit, u can consume, ur ult helps getting ur suport kills. the combo i like to use suporting nunu trying to get a kill is give me and my adc attack speed on u power then slowing ur enemy then ulting, u wana quit ur ult before u get the kill so ur adc will get it. useing nunu suport is good to be agressive and hard to lane against.with nunu suport u want to build health first to be able to play ageressive as a suport.

Jungle : Starting with nunu jungle u want to get consume first so when u get your first monster kill, blue or red, u can consume and smite and the monster is pretty much dead,and consume heals you, so u can move on with more health then a normal jungle after first monster, you want to build ability power mostly early game to get that extra hit power on the minions. when you gank u want to use the same type of combo you flash out of the bush give the adc attack speed slow the enemy then ult him.

Powers to use as jungle nunu : Smite and Flash

Powers to use as suport nunu : Flash and Exhaust