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Ive been playing Vi on the PBE for the last day or so, and I have to say that I really enjoy her. She will be an awesome top lane, and an amazing jungler (her clear time is pretty great). My one problem with her is that for the amount of damage she does, she is not tanky enough. For a character that has to get down and dirty into the fight, she gets melted so quickly that it's very difficult to last long enough to do any real good.

While I understand that you can build tanky, by doing this, there is no real way to do damage. It feels like you can only either build her as a squishy melee in fighter that gets melted, and does almost no good, or a tanky tank who tanks tanks all day, but does no real damage.

I understand that maybe I'm mistaken, and just haven't been playing her, right, but this is just my experience. Feel free to leave your suggestions for Vi here and let me know what you think.

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Why not build her bruiser? I mean... it is all subjective however you may actually need more defenses than what I am about to list but you can also go more offensive if you are doing very well. example:

Phrozen Mallet, Maw of Malmortius, Blood Thirster, boots can either be 1 of 3 tabi, merc treads, and yes even the zerker greaves to help with your steroid. and then last item something of a defensive mix maybe Guardians Angel.

if your doing well i would go for the zerker greaves unless there is tons of cc on enemy team and instead of GA i would pick up a youmous for more Armor pen and the active xD, OH and if i wanted to take it 1 step further.. I wonder if Trinity Force would be a good rush? or maybe even a sheen early game for the burst.... could always sell it later? I am just spewing out ideas now haha!