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Factions: Purpose of the League

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*This is a long idea, so please bare with it and forgive the lack of summary. I just tried to be thorough :P

In the game's base lore, the League of Legends was put together to confine diplomatic disputes in order to reduce damage to the rest of the world. This, at its core, is good in my opinion and has a solid premise to the game itself. After playing for a while, though, it made me begin to wonder "Sooo, what disputes are actually being settled here? What's the condition of the world wherein contains these champions we've grown to know and love?" It just seems like more can be done with the "purpose" of the league and everything behind it.

I have an idea, which is still INCOMPLETE and something I'd like others' FEEDBACK on.
It is still INCOMPLETE and something I'd like others' FEEDBACK on.
It's INCOMPLETE and something I'd like others' FEEDBACK on.

Now that I've highlighted that, hopefully it will diffuse most of the trolling ragers on these forums and open up some good, thought-provoking discussion.

My idea was to have something in the form of "factions" or a more organized method for players to pick a side of a dispute, fight it out, and get rewards based off of it. For instance, Ionia and Noxus have a conflict, so players choose which side they'd like to fight for, choose a champion from that territory (or neutral one) and duke it out. In the end, victorious players get a faction score added to the nation and maybe something like a small IP boost for their victory. It doesn't have to be IP, but something cool like a badge or a skin at the end of the season for participation. Summoners are usually neutral participants in the league (from what I understand) but you'd think that if they achieved a victory for one side, that group would be grateful in some way, shape, or form. What do you all think?

This would NOT forbid summoners who fight for one side to pick champions from other nations thereafter. They'd be able to fight for whoever, whenever. Perhaps sticking with one side for a long period of time, however, would increase rewards and status? I personally think it'd be awesome to get some sort of military-type ranking (Valoran style, of course) for completing such things, aside from the elo rating in plain ranked mode. Each nation has a lot to choose from in regards to champions available, as well as neutral other characters such as Maokai, Rengar, Diana, etc.

Anyway, I'm very open to questions and suggestions. This may not be the best idea in the world, but I think it could be something fun to spice up the gameplay. I look forward to brainstorming with you all and hopefully making a change in the game we all love so much!


Looks like they're actually doing something like this!! That's awesome! Hope it goes over well, Riot!