Vi-Possible bugs and opinions.

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Possible bugs: I'm going to start with these since these are probably what riot will care about.

1.Hit's 'whiffing' on Vi. I've only personally experienced it once but members of my teams in matches have mentioned it a few times. You go to take a swing at Vi, but....nothing happens. In my personal example, I was playing eve and hit ravage, the ravage sound effect played, and all that but Vi was never hit, took no damage and I apparently used mana on a skill that failed or something. In the same match the Vi on my team same the same thing happened to her while fighting her counterpart when she attempted to use excessive force.

2. Despite being immune to CC while charging her ult can still fail to hit the target as vi can die in mid charge blowing the ult and doing no damage to her victim as long as she's killed before she actually slams them into the ground.

3.Her ult once targeted Vi will fly to her target pretty much regardless of what happens afterward. It doesn't matter if they flash or if they teleport she's going ALLLLLL the way to them. Which leads to odd situations. It's hard not to overextend with her ult when your opponent can litterally choose where you end up if they react quickly enough.


Vi's Q is a bit weak, and would be much better if starting the charge didn't stop her movement momentarily. it's not exactly a great escape move because it both slows you down AND forces a brief moment of standing as the skill starts. All in all you basically just make up the ground you lost from charging it. Maybe a little more but not much.

Her W is nice, though snowballs a bit out of control towards end game. Early game sure it's not much, late game? Watch chunks of health just vanish as Vi lands those 3 hit combo's.

E- Excessive force pretty much is what makes Vi work, Only having 2 charges at most is a bit of a downer though I can see some points for why that is considering her combo capacity.

R-Long cool down, doesn't quite feel 'damaging' enough. at least not at it's first rank, it snowballs well but leaves much to be desired at level 6. Should apply a stack of denting blows. Since Vi is likely to use this to either engage the target or to try and re-engage and finish it off after being CC'd.

Her passive- I'm actually amazed she was allowed to have a passive that's so.....strong. Combined with certain defensive summoner spells or HP items like warmogs she's REALLY hard to put down. Since she has denting blows to cover for any lacking damage output a tanky Vi is a very scary Vi.

Final opinon:
Vi's not quite balanced yet, She's ALMOST like sejuani. In that she's good at one thing and one thing only really and because of that she's very weak early on. But snowballs into a death machine if she's not kept down due to her high relatively high base stats, generous scaling on her skills, and a passive that gets SIGNIFICANTLY better at higher levels. Being able to throw up a shield every 8 seconds just because you hit something is huge. It's even huger when that shield is providing a few hundred extra hp's worth of defense. I feel like her passive is a bit too strong, it's certainly one of the stronger passives in the game.