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Tanky Olaf Build Final

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Hello! :3
This is the final version of the guide.

Key -
AD - Attack Damage
AS - Attack Speed
MR - Magic Resistance
MS - Movement Speed

~---Items---~ / ~---Stats---~
1. Mercury Treads / 25 MR , 35 Tenacity and 45 MS

2. Warmog's Armor / 1,000 HP and HP5 equal to 1.5% of your max HP

3. Randuin's Omen*1 / 500 HP 70 Armor

4. Maw of Malmortius / 55 AD, 36 MR, a Spell Shield*2, Some AD*3

5. Spirit Visage / 200 HP, 50 MR, 15% Cooldown Reduction, 20% increased Regen

6.1. Frozen Mallet *4 / 700 HP, 30 AD,

*1 - Slows enemies AS by 20% if they hit you with a normal attack
*2 - If you get hit by a magic attack that puts you below 30%HP, then you get a 400HP spell shield
*3. +1 AD for every 2.5% of HP missing
*4 Basic Attacks slow enemies MS by 40% for 1.5 seconds


Marks - Armor Penetration
Seals - Armor
Glyphs - MR per Level
Quints - HP, Armor and Magic Resist (or just 1 type)

~---Masteries---~ In the defense Tree

Perseverance +6 HP5
Durability +6 HP per Level (108 at Lvl 18)
Hardiness +5 Armor
Resistance +5 Magic Resist
Veteran's Scars +30 Max HP
Tenacious +15 Tenacity
Juggernaut +4% Max HP
Legendary Armor +5% Armor AND Magic Resist
Good Hands -10% spent Dead
Honor Guard -3% all Damage
OPTIONAL-Safeguard -5% Turret damage
OPTIONAL-Relentless -15% Slow effectiveness

At Level 18 with this build, you will have:

4,976 HP
202 AD
152 Armor
179 MR

Thank you for reading this guide!
Please leave feedback if i should change anything! :3

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