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Can we get a lore 2013 roadmap?

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Dear Lore team,

I feel all of us who post in this forum are stakeholders that want to see lore shine just as much as other things Riot is launching, Could we get a 2013 Lore road map that details the past lore initiatives and talks about the potential new ideas or direction coming up?

I think all of us who buy into the lore are concerned and just want some reassurance that along with the things that worked (Noxus vs. Ionoia for example) new and innovative things are coming down the pipe for Season 3 since Season 2 felt like it was all about e-sports than story engagement.Maybe this road map can detail some thoughts about what you guys thought worked and what you think did not work and solicit opinion/ideas to further help flesh out where you want to be for 2013?

I know Riot wants to keep expectations low and curb any "Insert change WHERE"? posts but really I think any of us who are into lore are willing to help in any way we can.