Foxs Fate Custom Rule set Hide and seek

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Foxs Fate




if your in my lobby please follow these rules

1)No going B -1
2)Sucuide is -1
3)after your out DC or Run laps your allowed to give auras to your team aslong as their on OUTER RING
4)you have 5 Lives
5) Games last 41 Minutes
6)only one PASSIVE Slow
7) Afking or sitting in base while still in is -1 every 1:30
8)no capping objectives BESIDES the storm shield
9)Hiders cannot use Damaging abilties unless it applies CC or a juke (fizz jump would be an example) (doesn't count if you are using it for rylai)
10)No GA
11)Regular rules apply (of league of legends itself)
12) no giving away hints of your team mates
13)Trolling ofc is banned (trundle is allowed :P)
14)no using ANY of the following Champions in either team

Banned Champion list

15)No stacking Traps
16) No more then 2 champions per bush
17)No using Oracles or oracle type of items until 14:45 mark
18)Item limitations BESIDES SLOW AND GA below Follow

19)AP and AD stacking on hiders are allowed
20) Hiders cannot Basic attack unless having Iceborn Gaunt or Frozen mallet (One slow per team not including Frozen Gaunt) (Passive)
21)Grace period is 41 seconds
21) no following hitting or anything of the sort to people on their grace period
22)No base camping!
23)no Claravoyance

These rules will be updated every friday-sunday most likely

Enjoy yourselves!