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True Story

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Astartes GK

Junior Member


I get disconnected because of the game maintenance, log in the next morning with one point against me for "abandoning" a game.

That same day my account gets banned for abandoning my "team"... a team that gets you killed by bringing mobs to you when you're near death and then telling you they would rather it be you than them... and people like that still have their account? On that same team there's the jungler who leaves you to solo a lane because they want all the gold and the buffs and your killing all the minions... and that is considered a "team"?

It's hardly what a mature intelligent person would call a team, and yet if you decide to hang back and defend the base and not keep going out to die because you have no "team" YOU get penalized...

True story.

I hope they fix this bug because it's huge.

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Senior Member


If you're complaining about a Tribunal ban, the place to do that is the Tribunal forum (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=41), not here.

If/when you do make a thread in the Tribunal forum, you must include your reform card. There should be a link to it in the email you received with your warning or ban. Without this reform card, all we have is your word when you say that your teammates were breaking the rules and you weren't. There are way too many people who exaggerate their innocence and then later post a reform card that shows they absolutely deserved to be punished; we don't really bother with people who describe the game from their point of view without also including a reform card.

And finally, none of your teammates' behaviors sound toxic to me at all. Your history shows that you're level 10 and these are all Co-op vs. AI games, correct? If there's something your teammates are doing that you don't understand (like leaving you to solo a lane while they kill jungle mobs), you should be open to the idea that maybe you don't understand the game well enough to know whether what they're doing is a good idea. And even if it's not a good idea, they don't deserve to get in trouble for it.

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I hope you realize that jungling is a a main role, and that you usually solo a lane.