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Okay, so when I was playing Season 2 I would get matched with people who are good and people who are bad. I figured this was typical... My stats were very average. Matchups appeared at least somewhat even most of the time and it was all good.

But Season 3 came around and my stats have gone way up, but I lose every game. I haven't changed much about how I play (except being better), but I lose every game because I have at least two teammates who either feed really hard or do not join in team fights.

The problem started after the big patch that changed all the items and stuff. I was 1414 before that patch, and my stats were somewhere around 8/3/8 with my main carry champs (they still are) and around 2/2/12 with my main supports... After the patch I have lost maybe 18 out of 20 because I will have teammates who refuse to play with any brain at all.

Anyway, has the matchmaking changed to punish me for having high stats? Or is this just some kind of statistical anomaly? I know people who's averages are all really bad... like 4/6/7 and they are at 1500 elo.... I play them in custom games and DESTROY them.... what is up with this?