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Dedicated Jungler, AD Top looking for a good team for ranked.

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Ashen Paige

Senior Member


hello, im Ashen Paige and im looking to finally get into 3s ranked with a good 3s team. after spending a ALOT of time on SR i pretty much jumped ship as soon as the Shadow Isles beta came out. I find the map more rewarding for team work, allows good jungling, more interesting team comps, and just much more fast paced compared to SR. after putting in some time into that, ive come to really enjoy playing either bruiser tops or as a dedicated jungler. alot of people still dont seem to understand that team comps with a dedicated jungler (who has smite btw) are really good, but i love proving it to them with my Jungle CDR Pen Xin.

of all the junglers, i like him best for his ganks although i have experience playing Udyr Tiger Jungle, Xin is mostly my go to guy but i am trying to branch out. I also play alot of AD Top if the team comp goes for it. when that happens i play Wukong AD Pen Carry because of how similar he is to Xin (in build and playstyle). ive got like over 50 champs so if i have to play something specific, ive probably.

so all i ask is to play with a team that is well coordinated, communicates, and works together with a good attitude. if youve got those qualities and are looking for a 3rd person. im your man.