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Miss Fortune Player LF 3's, 5's

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I have many characters, I play tanks as well, but my favorite is Miss Fortune. I have perfected her item build and am looking for serious players for ranked matches. I have not tarnished my ranked match score yet, and would like to start with people who know what the hell they are doing. I'm tired of the non ranked matches with noobs who all go support or carries with no tanks and no idea who is doing what and then troll all over the screen about who is to blame. Ventrilo, etc would be great as I like communication please.

Be level 30s please
Be able to play carries, support and tanks
Be able to play at night after 5pm pacific for practice matches

Hit me up, open to all players who are competitive and want to win. We all know 30 min battles drain you, especially when you LOSE.