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All in the attitude.

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Banana Dragon

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Greeting's summoners!

to those who are having trouble in ranked first of all i would like to make sure we all know i am currently talking about solo/duo que in general. i am not extremely high elo but there are some thing i have found that makes your chance of winning much greater.

1. first and foremost a positive attitude is one of the biggest reasons you can win more then lose.

2. constructive criticism: instead of calling your team **** suggest ways they could improve and tell them other things the can do to help you secure victory.

3. all in all this is a team game and without team work you will lose. it doesnt matter how fed you are, it doesn't matter if you can go 1v3 and win the fight. it doesn't matter if you are so cal "carrying" your team. the only was someone can carry a game is that the team works together to protect the adc or whoever is the one killing the opposing team.

Now, going into solo que we all know we find trolls, "mid or feed" and other people who may even be playing ranked for the first time and you do lose because of this. it doesn't matter how well you do their is absolutely no way to win mainly pointing out at the above mentioned teamwork aspect.

Also, even for those who make money and live off this game. people who could buy mansions because of how much they make playing it. we must remember that this is a game. i have personally gotten angry, and have "raged" to the point where it puts my gameplay in jeopardy and puts me on a loosing streak.

for those of you who would like more information on this or get even more tips and how to- i would highly suggest going to watch videos by Gbay99 on youtube. most of the things i have said he has said better and more clear. for i know i am not the best at explaining things.