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LoL 20 Questions!

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Welcome to the League of Questions!

Brief Intro:

Hey guys and welcome to LoL 20 Questions! Some of you may or may not know me, but anyway, to get to the point. In the past, I used to go on many forums and sometimes played the "forum games" that people posted/created. One game that I noticed that was popular across any forum was 20 questions. And boy, were they fun. Now, I would like to bring it to League !

How to Play:

If you ever played the IRL 20 questions or forum 20 questions, then you have already have some idea on how to play. For those people that haven't, here are some generic rules:

1. The "stumper" picks an object or a being that is related to League.
2. The players try to guess the object/being by asking Yes/No questions.
3. The stumper answers the questions and guesses that are related to the object/being.
4. The stumper wins if all 20 questions are asked and no one can guess your object/being within the 20 questions. If this happens, they can continue to be the stumper unless they wish to give someone else a chance.
5. The player who guesses the object/being wins
6. That player then becomes the new stumper and the process is repeated

*Note: In the case that the 20 questions limit isn't reached and/or the object cannot be guessed, the stumper should choose a new object/being and start over.


(Object: Infinity Edge)

1. Is it a being? (No)
2. Is it currently in League? (Yes)
3. Can you find it in-game? (Yes)
4. Is it a structure? (No)
5. Is it in the jungle? (No)
6. Is it an item in the shop? (Yes)
7. Is it an offensive item? (Yes)
8. Does it have an active? (No)
9. Does it give AD? (Yes)
10. Does it give Critical Chance? (Yes)
11. What is Infinity Edge? (Yes)

That's a generic example, but here are the specific rules for both the stumpers and players.

Specific Rules:


1. The stumper CANNOT pick an object/being that is "in the future". What I mean here is essentially anything that isn't/hasn't been in League cannot be chosen.
2. The stumper CAN pick an object/being that has been in the past. Examples are old items that were scrapped or even old champions.
3. The stumper SHOULDN'T give hints to the players and only answer the Yes/No questions. Questions that pertain to 20 questions itself I'll answer and will not count towards the 20 questions.
4. The stumper SHOULDN'T answer questions that they themselves cannot answer. Generally, if you can't answer Yes/No to the question, then don't answer it.
5. The stumper MUST answer questions in chronological order. This means that if players ask more than 20 questions, regardless if the correct guess is posted past the 20 questions, he/she wins. This also relates to rule 4. If you don’t think you can answer it, reply to the question saying “Sorry, idk the answer to that” or something along those lines.
6. The stumper SHOULDN'T change the object/being he/she has chosen. Basically, the questions you have answered must be able to relate to the object/being.
7. I request that any stumper edit their original post with the 20 questions whenever a question is answered. I'll reserve a space for the "current" 20 questions and will change them accordingly (when I can). As for how you should list the 20 questions and answers, the example I gave above is a good format.


1. The players individually can only ask one question related to the object/being every 30 minutes and cannot ask multiple questions in one post. I myself will enforce this whenever I'm the stumper, but others stumpers should enforce this rule too. To clarify, multiple players can ask questions one after another, but each player only can ask one question every 30 min.
2. The players have an unlimited amount of "guesses" (Will set a limit if desired). Rule 1 is applied to guesses as well, but guesses will not count towards the 20 questions unless it's the correct guess. (See Example). However, you cannot have multiple guesses in one post. Only one guess per post. No question and guess in the same post either.
3. Please don't ask obvious unclear questions. I can't really think of a specific example, but generally, if you think the stumper cannot answer your question, then it's unclear. (You can clarify your question and if the stumper understands then and answers it, it will count towards the 20 questions).
4. Discussion amongst players within posts are PROHIBITED. Please don't discuss the object/being; ask questions about them. You can obviously research about the object/being, but what fun is that?
5. If players ask 20 questions, any questions and guesses after the 20th are nullified.

Specific Terms:

This section is blank for now, but if any unclear terms arise, I'll clarify them and add them here.

If there anymore rules that I forget, I'll add them. I'm currently debating on if I should allow Rioters to play, .

But anyway, have fun and please don't rage !.

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I guess I'll start it.


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Is it a being?