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Help with Roaming Alistar?

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Hey guys! Alex3465 here!

So I want to give roaming a try, specifically roaming Alister, as I heard he is one of the best or better roamers out there.

So my questions are:
What would you recommend as a build for season three?
What strategies would I use for this?
What Runes and Masteries should I run?

Regarding the build, I'm thinking for the boots, I would get Boots of Mobility, but I'm not sure about the enchantment to use. I was thinking Alacrity, just for the movement speed, or Captain, to help with ganks where I come up behind the enemy, and am facing a teammate.
I would also get a Philosopher's stone for the gold and health/mana regeneration a roamer would need.
I would also leave the sixth slot empty, for wards and such.
However, what should I get for offensive/defensive items in the remaining 3 slots?

Thanks a ton for any advice! .


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Your build seems fine. Be advised though that the roam metagame is inherently riskier than the support metagame. If you run a roamer, you MUST snowball your other lanes into getting fed. Otherwise, there is a very high chance of you being underleveled, underfarmed and generally useless.

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I main Alistar, and prefer Boots of Swiftness over Mobility simply because they help you in battle, and don't hinder you that much outside of battle. With Alacrity, it's not bad. (I typically run Merc Treads, now, but used to run Boots of Swiftness. And I run Alacrity, as I think it's better for a support than the one that makes the allies go 8% faster.)

Runes and Masteries, focus on armor, resist, and mana regeneration overall. For quints, maybe move speed instead of what I go for (gold/5) if you'll be roaming. Also, get all the move speed you can from masteries. (I myself recently decided to put 3 points in both move speed AND mana regeneration in the utlity tree, instead of 2 points in the item CDR reduction).

As far as damage, you don't really need any. Rely on your lanemate to do the damage. If it's someone squishy, you can kill them anyway (especially if they decide to stay and try to fight you) just with the damage of our Q and your W (ult if you need it), but in general, rely on your teammates. If you want damage items, I suggest Sheen at the very least and maybe Trinity Force. Athene's Unholy Grail is also good, and Frozen Mallet too (but more so for the slow and the health).

The items I typically build on Alistar are -- besides Philo Stone and boots -- Randuin's Omen (if they have a lot of physical damage), Runic Bulwark (if they have a lot of resist), Warmog's Armor (if they have a lot of true damage), Frozen Mallet (as a late-game item), and Chalice of Harmony. Since Warmog's Armor is purely a tank item and not necessarily "support", you can feel free to skip it if you don't plan on being the "tank" and just want the "support" title only instead. You probably won't need that Chalice of Harmony, though, if you're roaming, and Frozen Heart or at least a Glacial Shroud could take care of your mana problems if you do (possibly in exchange for Randuin's, although I think that active on Randuin's is amazing). If the game lasts long enough, you can eventually turn the Chalice (if you get one) into Mikael's Crucible, for supporting, or Athene's, for damage. Keep in mind, that if the mana regen from Athene's (which is significantly higher) is necessary then by all means use that because the more you can spam that heal the better.

I wrote a guide on Mobafire, but it's outdated now. I can't get Mobafire to work so I can't update it. :-\

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Guy on a bus

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Roamers = bad, don't roam.