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How to get quality reports

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You didn't really need to necro this thread.

One major concept has been ignored through the entire thread: The players decide who gets banned. That's the whole point of the Tribunal! We decide who we want to play with or not!

Furthermore, they already HAVE a system to increase the quality of reports. If someone gets reported and banned, the reporting people get their report weight increased. If they get reported and pardoned, the reporters lose weight. Very quickly, a spam false reporter will lose their credibility in the system.

The system works just fine, because ultimately we, the players are deciding who we want to play with. If you don't like the tribunal's decisions, log on to it and start contributing!

sigh, that's silly. there have been so many wrong decisions made and that_'s why im bringing this up. Like I brought up in the anecdote about person A and B, this person will now not have any weight to reports even when they make legit reports.

I don't want people to have less weight for their reports, because at times the reports ARE legitimate yet because they were not "correct" in the past, any future report is ignored. The system I bring to the table will allow everyone to have the same weight, be equal, and produce more quality reports because of the effort it took to report.

I want everyone to be equal but to put more effort into reporting. The current system wants to classify and weed out people, and that's just not right.

Also、too often do people just click punish. I know a few people, they're jerks but they wanna screw the system, who click punish instantly and have 85% and 87% accuracy. So now the people who made bad reports get to keep their weight even though they weren't good.

Isn't this why this forum was created? To funnel people here to express their feelings and forever be ignored? What good does posting you've been unjustly banned when it falls on deaf ears? I wish Riot did have a team of bans/appeals just so they can actually remove ans from people.

I mean seriously, what's the point of a tribunal bans inquiry forum when the people who CAN make changes don't?

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Saint Latona

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All Riot has to do is to make people put some detail in their reports.