Last 3 ranked games...

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Adc bot. Pushed hard by a kill-lane. They camp our tower. Jungle decides to ignore us all game. Fed corki destroys all..

Jungle spends 10+ attempts trying to invade against a Shyv. Fails every time.
Shyv quickly becomes fed.

In champ select Enemy team 1st picks Zyra.Our 2nd pick demands mid. I say "Zyra is probably sppt fyi". Our 2nd pick decides to continue to early-pick a mid despite my offering to last-pick it for them.
....Our mid chooses Veig....they chose Fizz....then olaf jungle....
.....Veig is farmed constantly...

Been an unlucky streak of losses so far. Am so beyond frustrated I am at a point of laughing off the losses.
Because no matter how well I play my lane, Usually I am not able to farm kills as intensely as a team who can constantly farm one or 2 bad eggs.

Far Out Brussel Sprout...