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@Riot Server instability 12/16/2012

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Fs Son0fSilas

Senior Member


Why was there no "Loss Forgiven" for the matches on Dec. 16th when you knew there was an issue, placed a message at the top of the client, and knew there were multiple DCs in Ranked matches???

We had 3 DCs in my game, including myself, and lag which caused the loss. There were multiple threads on GD. I even sent in a support ticket, which has yet to have been seen?

I believed that Riot would have simply "pressed the button" and taken care of the issue. They haven't.

You'de think that having given out 1000 RP for lost content (I was one who supported Riot; not being one of the "give it everyone" group) they would do something for the people like me who lost elo. More importantly, for the people who lost placement matches because of it, of which there were multiple threads stating this issue. At the very least I expected to have my elo refunded....

There has been nothing communicated to us. No Red posts that I know of...

So I ask, WTF Riot?

(+1 PLEASE add a Bump for Justice; this needs to be seen by a red)