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Going from Good to Great

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so i have played nearly 1000 games and i main support. i feel like i do very well with champ mechanics and laning. but i feel i need to be stronger in my roaming and team phase. how do you all know where to go (example, if 3 enemy champs are mid and 1 is top, where do you go). are there a list of plays, strats, etc for people and ranked 5 teams looking to get better?

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Baxter the Teddy

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LoL is about asking questions and reacting to the answers to those questions.

1) Where is your team? Is anyone defending mid? Is anyone defending top? Is the enemy team tanky/fed enough to turret dive you alone under turret? Can they dive you even if 2-3 of your teammates are there? How much HP do both turrets have? Can you even hold one of the turrets? Can you get kills even if the enemy takes your turret? Can you take a more important objective? (Baron, a deeper turret in another lane)
2) Do you have ANY idea where the rest of the enemy team is? ANY?
3) Is Dragon and Baron warded? Is it late enough in the game for those too be viable captures by the enemy, based on their team comp and their items?

As a general rule as a support you want to be, no duh, supporting. In a situation like this it's (ussually) best to be in the lane with friends to back up. But, if you're whole team is mid maybe you just gotta go top and do whatever you can to save that turret, remembering that dieing if they're gonna get the turret anyway is hella not worth it.

The answer is no(to your question), I don;t think so. Because they're aren't set plays that work for every situation. What you need to do is look at ALL the info you have and asses where you can go and what you can do when you get there. It needs to always be an active thing you are doing, whether proactive or reactive. You can ALWAYS be somewhere DOING something.

Kind of a priority list for you-
1) Follow your team if they are going to try and teamfight, dispute dragon/baron, w/e
2) Go to lane in immediate danger of falling, someone dieing etc.
3) Go to a lane where someone is getting stomped on AND that the opponent is still in lane, (If they aren't, let that person farm up solo for the XP boost.)
4) Go to a lane that appears it might be in danger soon. (The enemy has been spotted with 2-3 people near/in that lane) OR a creep wave is forming.
5) WARD. If you have none of the above to do, you need to be warding. You need to be running around the map and warding everything. check out a ward guide if you aren't sure. But objectives need to be warded, the river needs to be warded and the jungle (yours if you're defensive, theirs if you're offensive) needs to be warded.

The other thing that, as any position, is important is to tell your teammates of the above situation. PING, type, voice chat w/e TELL THEM.

Example- Creep wave is starting to push bot, you can A) go there yourself or B) "Hey (ADC Champ) go bot and get all that CS." ADC getting CS is stricly better than you. But maybe no one BUT you is in range, then you go and clear that creep wave and save the turret.

As a general rule, if you are supporting and someone else is in range to do any of the above, you tell them. This can either free you up ( TO WARD) or bring another body in to assist in the situation, which means that (hopefully) you save the turret and you are now free (to ward).

General rule once you've entered roaming/team fighting is STAY ACTIVE. If you are not running around with your team engaging the enemy or pushing turrets you need to ALWAYS be doing SOMETHING (warding.)

I'm not a pro but this is what I've seen through A) Playing myself, B) Playing with and talking with my friend who's a really strong support or C) Watching pro games, streams etc (Do this, btw, if you actually wanna do better. Watching pro streams(especially the good ones who commentate) can improve your game drastically. Also, you can watch League Of Studio. He's a LoL commentator and he posts League Dailies where he analysses replays of various ELOs. Pick out the ones for support and watch them. (or watch all of them, the more you know about the other roles the better off you are!)

Good luck!