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More options for custom games

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Edit- aaaaand the thread I had clicked on previously had been moved here I guess.. now my thread is in the wrong subforum. :/

Riot, please put the team that made aram back together. Make it easier to see what options are selected for a game before you join it (in the custom game list), and add a number of options to further increase the crazy fun that can be had in arams (and other maps).

No minions// No monsters. Selecting one of these does what it says. Want to play draft runner? Select both, now you can run anywhere (though careful of turrets).
Starting gold. I'm sure someone could come up with interesting modes to use if this was available.
No items. This would disallow purchasing any items. Why would anyone want this? It allows champions to fulfill the role they have. Sure, some are expected to scale, but it can be very interesting to see it play out with 0 items (tanks can tank, rangers kite, casters rely on their spells).
Ultimate Bravery. Whenever you are near shop it randomly buys you items. A random type of boots, then pieces of whatever items it wants you to have. The website works fine, but many people don't understand what it is, so getting a game to start so that everyone in it understands (and doesn't cheat) is difficult.

Both of these modes 'can be done'. Just like aram/arab could before pg aram was added. They could be made so much better with a little time spent on them. There are many other game modes out there that are nearly impossible to get people to play because aram is so popular and supported now. More customization would shed light on the possibilities and make them much more attractive.

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This would be awesome. +1.