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Hitting level 30, how many more games before ranked queue

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Quick question about ranked, how do you get the role you want? It seems like most people will take the role they want first pick, and it makes sense, but am I going to be supporting in all of my ranked games? I don't mind it, I like support, I'm just wondering.

There's a couple options:

#1 play multiple roles - if you like playing each role it shoulnd't matter which one you get, at the very least be flexible like "I like playing mid, adc or junlge" or something instead of "mid or I feed"

#2 call your role early - you will get the occasional guy who doesn't respect the call however

Sometimes somebody else will take the role you called or will have called it first. If that happends you have a couple of choices.

#3 be a jerk - just take the role you want and let the other guy go kick rocks (note: this will likely make them mad and will increase the chances of them trolling you but there's a chance they will back down and it will work out)

#4 dodge - the downside to this is the 30 min wait timer

#5 play something else - if you can only play one role this might result in a loss but there's not really anybody you can blame except yourself

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Only play draft pick from now on if you are serious. Watch a stream of a serious player of each role. Then play ranked
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