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Cut Minion Health Bars into Seperate Bars like Champions

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I am sure this has been suggested before, but I can't seem to find it.

The idea is to divide the minions health bar into Seperate 100 health chunks like Champion Health Bars are.

This would help new players, and generally just bad at cs'ing players to last hit better. Since if you have roughly 100 attack damage, then you know to kill them when they are below 100 health left. (I say below to account for minion armor and magic resist).

I am fairly bad at last hitting honestly, I always seem to have issues gaging if my hit will kill them or not, especially with low attack damage champions.

Anyone else feel this would be helpful? Is there an issue with my thinking here?

While we are on this idea, maybe segment the mana bar on champions as well? Not as useful but might help people gauge if they have enough mana for an ability with just a quick glance.

Constructive criticism and ideas are welcome.

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I would love this with Nasus. Me likey.

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I'd settle for minion health bars being able to be seen over champions.