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Why all the hate on Riot?

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TL;DR Thank your favorite red, they work hard despite what forums suggest.

Greetings summoners! I'm rather new to these forums, so please forgive me if this isn't where it should be.

Everyone on these forums are here because we all share a common thread; our interest in League of Legends. Not only is this game one that requires intense skill, but it's also relatively balanced and requires a large dose of teamwork. No 1 person can win against a competent team alone, but there's plenty of chances for an individual to shine as part of a team. We're given new champs (and thus new ways to play) very often, and they even interact with the gamers on a regular basis in the forums. All of this, which adds up to one of the best games on the market, is given to us for free!
So Riot puts in all this hard work to make an amazing game, and continually update it, and these are the headlines on the forums, "@riot why are you so lazy!" Et cetra. I feel we're just a tad bit ungrateful to the hard work put in by the Riot team; so this holiday season, thank your favorite red for being awesome.