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Ranked Que Role FIlter

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In my opinion, the game doesnt have enough communication, and there isn't enough time to figure everything out. you get 3 first picks that insta-ban there 3 characters, your just picking spots. no communication, no chance to know whats going on, no chance to know who's best at what or even who can do what. In my opinion the game needs a Position que, where you pick what positions you can play, or 1 position you would like to play this game, and match him up with all of the other spots. Obviously people will say no one wants to support, but Duo Que ADC / Supports are there all of the time. It's also frustrating when someone comes into the that is say 4th or 5th pick and says I can't Jungle or I Can't ADC. there is not not enough consistency to get the best out of everyone. Even still, i have friends that Que solo and support. Then other people's arguments are that they'd just pick any old character to go support, just say a Darius Support. This is true, but they could do that anyway regardless of if there is a Role Filter or not. To me, the game needs more time pregame, In game chat, role filter, or to be more general a better way to communicate who can do what, and who is going to do what. Typing wastes more time, and focuses your team on everything else, but the game. All people do is mis communicate, argue, and ping, and even pinging is confusing, because people have multiple meanings. If you ping a target and say you are in the jungle, and i am top lane. MY meaning is ok we'll try to gank him. The other person could think ok if he gets close to death we'll tower dive him, then I back out, he runs in, dies, blames me, and its just a snowball of arguments from there. Then i die, he talks Sh*t, i talk Sh(t, then its just a repeating argument over and over, and typing takes WAY longer, and is a lot more complicated to explain what you mean, than simply clicking a button, and talking.

And 1 last thing on my rant, they also need a language button, because how can you communicate with just say Brazilians or Foreigners that don't fully understand what i mean. They need a Main Language button, or some sort of way of separate between languages. Not being mean, but it gets frustrating having to sit there and type over and over and try to understand what they're saying Pre game, and even during the game, or what they even want me to do.

So my question would be, what do you see wrong with Role Filters ? or in game voice chat.