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I think volibear should avoid unti collision when he does his Q

ALso Volibear doesnt continue to auto attack after using his Q, even if i click the champ, he just stands there for a second doing nothing??? what gives

Also his bite should work by just clicking w, instead of clicking w then mouse clicking someone!!! ugggggggg i cant tell you how many times people have just walked out of my range or i miss clicked~!

IM hitting the target, i should just be able to press W when ready to bite

If i want to bite somoene else i can target them and press w

But why do i need to press w and click the champ im killing, its taxing anoying and i think broken for this champ

and his ult is not that best, upgrade it~!

Thanks Goothulhu

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Senior Member


1: the unit collision idea is awful

2: you should be smartcasting anyways,

Play more voli, you'll be fine