Story of something. (Ezreal Lux)

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This is a story so read it.

Chapter 1 or prologue of something- The first chapter that has no title

A pair of gloved hands reached for an ancient, musty tome sitting still on a bookshelf. Grasping the hard, mud yellow cover, the boy blew the dust off the letters engraved onto the front of the book. He flipped through the old tome, which was bookmarked with small pieces of felt with penned words scrawled on them, wedged tightly between the pages that were curled, withered and stained at the edges from age and overuse.

Hours passed as his eyes scanned the pages, staring at the faded drawings and inky words. He began to fidget restlessly, fingers tapping on the thin paper, glancing toward the clock, chin resting on the palm of his hand.

"I'm so bored!"

He shouted out to no one in particular. The explorer stood up from the waxed, wooden chair he had been sitting on for the past 3 hours. Ezreal took a peek out the window behind him. It was turning dark, the sky filled with blackening thunderclouds, and rain pounded down on the roof relentlessly.

The boy sighed, closed the tome with a thud and left the room.


After leaving his room, he navigated his way through the halls of the Institute, the sound of his muddy leather shoes muffled by the red carpet laid on the floor. The explorer headed straight for the Spectator's Area.

Things had been pretty quiet in the last few days. A new champion hadn't arrived for months, he had nothing to get research on and nothing to explore, and there were less matches now that the weather was poor. He became pretty restless in the past few days, wandering around the Institute and looking through all his old books and artifacts.

Also, he was lonely. Ezreal usually kept to himself, but he was never lonely before because there was always something to preoccupy his mind with. An expedition or a new research book. Now, all there was to do was be with himself and sit around.

The sound of shouting and cheering tore Ezreal from his reverie, and he looked up. He was standing right in front of the doors to the Spectator's Area.
Busting through the doors, he sighed in boredom, hoping to find a match to fight or watch.

Indeed, there was a match to see. Ezreal stared through the glass into the arena below. He could see almost nothing going on, many champions were being defensive and keeping to their large towers. It didn't help that the rain and darkness was obscuring his vision. Boredom began to overtake him again, and he looked at his watch. 9:51. It was getting late, but he could afford to stay up a little longer and watch. Besides, all he would do if he went home was go to sleep and wake up to another boring day.

The boy sat down on one of the chairs behind him, watching the battle a few feet away from the glass. Minutes passed through the battle without much excitement. Even the League matches, which were usually one of the exciting events around the Institute, were getting monotonous and boring.

10:22 now. Ezreal glanced around him, looking away from the battle to see if anyone else was watching. A few summoners sat scattered in chairs around him. Just as he was about to leave, he looked down at his feet to see blue rings rising up around him.

He was being summoned.

End of Chapter 1 that has no title.

This was a short one because it's a prologue. More chapters might be coming out that are longer but I don't even know.

I was bored so I wrote this. Strange.

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Hooga heeg?

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sounds good so far