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Do you like the League of Legends store?

I very much like it. 2 16.67%
I don't mind it. 2 16.67%
It could be better. 5 41.67%
I don't like it. 3 25%
Voters 12 .

A look at the store.

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I Would love to get others feedback on this. Post your own ideas in this thread!

Hey guys. I was looking at the store for an extended period of time the other day while feeding as Olaf, and I happened to notice a few things about the layout that bother me.

The Item Shop in League of Legends currently feels bulky and hard to use. I prefer the old one. But, that is only for a list of 4 reasons.
The presence of an 'all items' button and a 'consumables' button together is not needed. They occupy the same spaces, and I use them for the same purpose; although, I have never used the button labelled 'Consumables'. I have only ever clicked 'Consumables' accidentally, the 'all items' tab shows every consumable in the game. These buttons should be reassessed, I strongly feel. In fact, the frequency of clicking 'All Items' to buy wards and pots happens every 'b', everyone in the League of Legends player base would benefit if these buttons were combined and labelled 'Consumables', taking up twice the vertical space of a regular button and allowing much less accurate clicking.
The labels of the item categories takes up too much horizontal space, and I feel it is only accommodating for 'Other Movement Items', a category at the bottom of the list. This could be remedied by shortening the label to something of the effect of 'Movement Accessories' or 'Boot Add-ons', or so forth. Making the left hand side of the store look sleeker, and more inviting.
The labels of the League of Legends item categories seem dull and uninteresting. I cannot quickly pick out what I would like to buy from the item shop anymore, the store has very little visual queues now. Old league of legends showed a changing panel, having only room for five, but the labels all responded to one click and I, for my strange methods, easily processed this. I bought a Sapphire Crystal in the shop with the process of clicking the 3rd button down, clicking the 4th button down, then moving to Sapphire Crystal. I do not quickly know what I am buying anymore. The visual-spacial element of the League of Legends item store is gone, and I feel that many other players are adversed to this forced reading whenever they go and open the store. The item shop could benefit from item icons next to each of the categories. (Defence labelled with a GIant's Belt, Attack with a BF Sword, Magic with a Rod of Ages, Movement with Alacrity-Boots of Swiftness. It is these items that got me to love this game so much.)
For the last point, I simply feel that the item browsing portion of the store is far too cramped. The font is too big in its bold lettering, and the items seem insignificant and small in this regard. It doesn't feel like I can clearly see what an item does. I can hover over it, but that popup means you have to physically stop moving, and the game is slowed down. To quickly buy an item, I feel this tooltip should last for longer, and moved mouseOver popup somewhere near the bottom of the screen.

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allow me to sum up everything you just said in a few small words.

"clears throat"

the new hud sucks major arse, the old one was unique and original thus better.

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Yes, the old in-game store was WAY way better. The double-click speed in the new in-game store has been increased and overrides my system defaults, so I can't double-click to buy. It gives the other team an even further advantage over that which it already has. Also, they increased the number of clicks required to navigate the store. It's a no-brainer in user interface development: never increase the number of clicks or keystrokes unless absolutely necessary. The first store gave three unique panes, and the new store only gives two, reducing buy times across the board.

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I agree that the new store is really irritating. I used to play League everyday and now I find that I'm not playing as much because I get too worried about trying to find items fast enough and get back to my lane. Sure there's the search tool now too but I feel like I have to spend more time trying to figure out what items to buy and less time killing people. I just want to kill people and test my might against them rather than relying heavily on the items in the shop.

Maybe it's just me, but I think it could use some improvement.

Thanks for reading ^^