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Suggestion: CONFIRMATION of Account Changes (Email/Password)

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Junior Member


Honestly, why isn't this a feature already?

As things are currently, one is able to change the password and email address associated with his or her account without so much as a confirmation email. Considering that actual money can be spent on this game through RP, I would think that this sort of system would be a given, but it's not. Many online websites and games have confirmation emails to help secure accounts, why not League of Legends?

Riot, there really should be confirmation of these types of changes via email, to help cut down on scams and successful hack attempts. It would probably cut down on the many support tickets you guys have to deal with in the long run, too...

TL;DR: Please add a confirmation email to change the emails and passwords of accounts.

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Frost Unit

Senior Member


Honestly, this feature doesn't apply much to League of Legends since there's not much you get from investing a million dollars, compared to being a level 1.
Some more champions, of which you will play only a quarter of regularly. Some better skins, which don't affect your gameplay. And more rune pages and runes, which I guess do make the game SLIGHTLY easier.
If someone does hack your account, what's the worst they can do? Take down your elo by 10 every half hour?