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MV (looking for new players)

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MV ThatArson

Junior Member


Simply looking for average players who want to join a team with few requirements

Must have mic/skype
No rage quiters/must be friendly
Must be able to play more then 1 lane also jungle helps
Must have at least 200 recent wins (last 3 months)
MV ____________ is not required but doesnt hurt to add
We are in pacific time zone so would like players who play/join often

Roughly that; Add me MV ThatArson
Or skype me ThatArsonist

Questions leave comments

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Junior Member


Hello im interested im getting a new mic tomorow (mine broke) My name on skype is xninjastatus and on league of legends it is xninjastatusx I am fairly new but i am ranked 1100 is my highest so far im not the best but am begining to understand the basic im a great support and working on other roles ive played a few decent games top and jungle and mid as well im not good at adc though