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This retarded community.

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Power 0f Evil



I have most success with top. In fact I would say I'm good at it. But **** elo hell, this is retarded. I tell my team in champ select that top i probably have twice as good a chance at winning my lane hard than anywhere else. Oh, and I called top too. First. And I'm 2nd pick.
4th pick"No, I'm top"
"I called it first, and higher pick."
4th pick"Lol 2top then."
*This is after 1st pick locks in jungle.
"Just go adc or something I'll definitely win my lane."
"**** you noob."
"I proceed to go adc or auto lose, but support alistar knocks people away from my varus skillshots, and knocks them toward me when I'm at 100hp.
**** you elo hell, it's a team game. Elo doesn't work for this unless we get some other way of picking our roles in champ select.